Event Website

-Your event deserves a website that is one of a kind! We work directly with you to create a unique website that is customizable with your organizations logo and event image.


-Showcasing those that support your event is important. We will design a dedicated sponsor page that can link back to each sponsors website. Your site will also have a banner at the bottom of each page that scrolls through your list of sponsers.


-Our dedicated staff will be on site for your next event to check-in and register your guests. Our team will move rapidly  to make sure your guests are all set up to bid and ready for a breathtaking event. Keep Your Seat also offers the sale of for purchase items to guests at check-in.


-Our staff will coordinate and spot with auctioneers for live-auction events.


-Showcase your auction items up to three days before the occasion, allowing guests to begin bidding on items before they even step foot into your event!


-Our team will handle check-out to ensure guests recieve their items in a timely and orderly fashion.


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Austin, TX 78717